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Our trip to Alabama in October to Joe Wheeler State Park

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Well here we are again off on another trip to the Southern USA, namely Alabama where we will take part in a Looper’s fall Rendezvouse. We have rented a small cottage for the time we are there. We are hoping to meet some of the boaters we met during the summer on our trip up to the Rondezvouse in Midland. We are leaving on Friday morning for our 17 hour drive….here we go again…and will attach pictures to the blog as we get them….I hear the weather is in the mid to high 20’s….sounds great to me…Will send along some pictures on here of where we are…

Our trip to the Big Easy !

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Coffee latte and beignet at Cafe du Monde

Tour of French Quarter

Corner of Orleans and Bourbon Streets

The Mardi Gras Room

A Fabulous lunch and reunion at the superior grill

Drinks in Plastic only!
no drinks in glass…

Wow we did it….We left Sunday for The Big easy and that it was!  New Orleans has to be one of the busiest cities in North America !  The French Quarter…was going strong with lots of music flowing into the streets.   We arrived late in the afternoon after  a long drive from Panama City Beach passing through Mobile, Alabama on one of the longest bridges we have seen….It actually is two bridges…one for east bound and the other for west bound and we guessed about 6 to 8 miles long.  After leaving the bridge, we had to descend into a tunnel that took us under the water…at least we think so and then back up and through the city and more bridges.   New Orleans is surrounded by bridges!!!  You’ve heard of the story that says ” I have some swamp land for sale in Florida and a bridge to get to it”  well we drove through both and it is true!   After 5 hours of driving, we arrived in New Orleans at the Banana Court yard with Mary meeting us on the street so we could park our car in a secured area.  The property is very unique and the Mardi Gras room was definitely different from your everyday Holiday Inn.  We had a short walk to the French Quarter with all its music, bars, restaurants and architecture.  There was  a bar a block away from the house that was open 24 hours with 2 Happy Hours…one from 4pm to 6pm in the afternoon and another from 4am to 6am in the morning….How about that Ontario!!  We had dinner on Sunday at the Gumbo Shop on St. Peter Street….hot stuff….a little hot for me but Anne had to pour the Tabasco sauce on her Jambalaya..we also stopped by Pat O’Brien’s for a couple of margherita’s.  

The next day was a busy one for us and began by visiting friends whom we had met while we were in Venice.  We really enjoyed our time with them at their Mexican restaurant called the Superior Grill on St. Charles Street.  Our lunch was absolutely fabulous and we recommend that any one visiting New Orleans should drop by and have lunch or dinner with them.  Anne really enjoyed finishing her lunch up with some Key Lime Pie.  

The remainder of the day was spent doing the horse and carriage ride and visiting Cafe Du Monde, and getting some more margherita’s to go as we walked back to our room…. 

We had a great time in New Orleans and hope to return again some day soon! 

Our hosts, Dawn and McKinley at The Superior Grill

Coming Soon to a Neighbourhood or Marina near you!

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How about this Drive-thru Beer Store !

Pina Coladas on a lazy Monday afternoon on the balcony

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The Sun shines, the Wind Blows and the Waves….

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With the weather the way it has been here, we decided to venture out on Saturday and explore the surrounding area so we drove easterly through Panama City and along the coast .  There were many small villages, some with most of the stores displaying “closed” and “for lease” in their windows.  We had hoped to find a good seafood market and it wasn’t until we were on our way  back through the city that we found  a small seafood market on the waterfront called Tarpon Dock Seafood….Guess you know what we had for dinner on Saturday night…our menu included sweet bay shrimp sautéed in garlic and wine  and a type of deep-sea Grouper…they were so delicious and we paid $3.99 lb. for the shrimp.  Try and do that in Canada and have them right from the water….

Yesterday, we went to the west of us for a drive to check out the area driving through a town  called Niceville…and then back to Destin….We also took time to stop by a flea market in Fort Walton where Anne picked up an embroidered table cloth….I got to look around!  We also did stop in Destin and toured the small dock area there.  This area on the waterway was unique with very quaint shops and condos and of course lots of boats….check out the pictures.

Today we have no plans except to make arrangements for our 3 day trip over to New Orleans which we have planned for this weekend.  We will see how that goes. 

Hope your weather is better than ours….

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